The abalone is often a form of marine gastropod (sea snail) of the genus Haliotis (with the Greek for "sea ear") with the ear-formed shell which has a row of holes over the outermost edge. Due to their Latin identify and shape, they are often called "ear shells". Like other marine gastropods, the abalone provides pearls. Organic abalone pearls are … Read More

The movement of Artwork Nouveau happened throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s prior to the rise of Artwork Deco. The identify Nouveau, or "new" indicated the need of artists to build fashionable designs, and leave powering quaint and restrained Victorian models and industrialism. Indeed, Art Nouveau was a forerunner to contemporary art and bri… Read More

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own individual.Every entrepreneur dreams on the “huge get” -- that big shopper or offer which propels your company forward to stratospheric good results. One day you’re struggling to generate payroll, the following day your enterprise is often a domestic name on par with People of Appl… Read More

In the new Diva museum in Antwerp, a dining space set up showcases elaborate examples of silver serving parts. The museum is dedicated to diamonds and silverwork as well as the historical past of diamonds in the city.CreditIlvy Njiokiktjien to the New York MomentsANTWERP, Belgium — A Diva laden with diamonds and also other valuable objects manufa… Read More

PARIS — Retro pop, midcentury modern-day, classic eclectic, Wunderkammer kitsch, transitional up to date. What ever you connect with it, the form of decoration defies just one label and nevertheless you will be accustomed to the tropes: cocktail-trolley Mad Men, seasoned with Pop Art irony and several signature serious layout (just in the event t… Read More